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Drunk Stoned or Stupid
Drunk Stoned or Stupid

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Drunk Stoned or Stupid

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Drunk Stoned or Stupid (A Party Game)

Drunk Stoned or Stupid is a party game where in each round a card is drawn, and the group decides who in the group should be tagged with the card. Each round a judge reads a card aloud. Each player then says who in the group should be stuck with this card and why. Accusations can be based on personality traits, past stories, or really anything at all. If you can argue your point, it's fair game. The judge considers all accusations and makes the final ruling on who should be tagged with the card. This person keeps the card along with the shame. The judge rotates to the next person in the group. First person with 7 cards loses. There are no winners in this game... only losers!

A wild party game where players debate who gets the worst traits.

Raunchy in tone, this party game is perfect for adult game nights with drinks in hand.

Perfect for non-gamers and gamers looking for lighter games.


  • 250 prompt cards to decide who in the group is MOST LIKELY TO…
  • More players the better (seriously, 10 people would be chill)
  • This game can get real. Prepare to call out your friends.
  • Contains the same cards as the game "WHO'S MOST LIKELY TO..."
  • WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW in “Related Video Shorts” to see how to play!

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